EEC Secure Gate motors for security and peace of mind.

Product Range

We specialize in the Centurion range of gate motors. These brand are made locally, are well established and reliable, having been on the market for many years. They fulfil all the requirements for domestic and industrial/corporate swingand slide gate automation needs and will provide you with the electric motor for YOUR needs. We carry most spares in stock and are able to carry out most repairs on site immediately, without having to return to the client. If the motor needs to be serviced we remove the motor and take it to the factory to be repaired by qualified technicians. We then replace the gate or garage motor.

We also install and repair intercom systems and remote controls. The most popular intercom on the market is the BPT range. Centurion in South Africa also make a limited rage of intercoms called the POLO which we also use.

Market Place

The automatic gate industry in South Africa is flooded with companies and individuals offering to fix your remote gate.This can be seen by the vast number of adverts for gate repair companies. Firstly the entry level to get into this business is very low, so many retrenched people simply start up and think that it is easy to do motor repairs. It is not, and this is why so many service providers come and go. This industry requires professionalism and reliability in order to never compromise the safety and security of clients.

Below is a checklist of important points to consider when selecting a gate company:

  • Is the phone answered by a dedicated person/receptionist on a land line? If not, the chances are that you may be dealing with a one man show. The main problem with this is that when he is busy, you will not be able to get him to come back. He can only do so much in one day and his service levels depend on him being available. EEC Secureanswer our phones professionally 24 hours a day.
  • Does the contractor carry parts? If you call a contractor who does not carry a full range of spares, the chances are that your machine will not be repaired quickly. Gate Repair Services repair teams carry most parts to fix Centurion gate motors.
  • Is the contractor established? If you choose a contractor that has not been around for a long time, the chances are that he will not be there for you in the future. EEC Secure has been around since 2007.
  • Is the contractor a one man show? If the contractor does not have personnel, he will find it very difficult, especially during the peak summer period, to offer his clients a high level of service. Make sure you are dealing with a company with the necessary manpower to back up their service level claims. EEC Secure have a full office staff as well as having a team in the field.
  • Is the services provider specialist? Many people will offer to fix your gate motor as well as your pool, mow your grass and fix your roof. It is impossible to be an expert in everything. Gate motors need a specialist technician that has the specialist knowledge for that job. EEC Secure only fix Centurion gate motors and intercoms. (We will try and help you with other brands where possible). We recommend Centurion Motors as they are the best motors on the South African market and will provide customers with the best security.

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